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Doggie Daycare

Would you like a tour?
Call us at 410-825-9100 ext. 221 to arrange a time to take a tour of the daycare. Tours are given 7 days a week but must be by appointment.

How will my dog be evaluated?
When a dog is placed in daycare at Falls Road for the first time the evaluation is ongoing. We measure how your dog behaves with people, toys and other dogs. We observe your dog interacting with one dog, then see how it reacts to a larger group. We decide as a group how well we think your dog will get along with our existing daycare dogs. You will be contacted mid-day to let you know how your dog is doing.

What if I need to drop off earlier of pick up later?
24 hour drop off and pick up is available! This must be approved ahead of time and there is an additional charge of $10.50.

What about training?
You Silly Dog offers dog training classes to meet all levels and needs, private dog training instruction, as well as doggie socials. Click here for more training service details.

Our Staff
We have daycare assistants who are here to play and look after the dogs around the clock. Some of our former assistants have gone on to work as veterinary assistants and have been accepted to internship programs with the Maryland Zoo.

Daycare internships
Internships are available on a limited basis for college students. Priority is given to Animal Behavior majors and those pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Call us at 410-825-9100 x221 for more information.

Breed Restrictions: We do not allow Pit Bulls, Pit Bull mixes, Rottweilers, or Rottweiler mixes in doggie daycare.

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