Let your dog join the slumber party at Falls Road!

Cageless boarding is in high demand, and space must be reserved by calling 410-337-3595.

Your dog will spend the day in daycare with our daycare assistants and other dog friends and then get a room to himself overnight. Our assistants are teamed with our emergency doctors and technicians to give your dog the ultimate fun and safe boarding experience.

Daycare during the day is provided by our Doggie Daycare experts and includes medication administration, our kennel food (Hill’s Sensitive Stomach) or your dog’s food from home, a kennel bed or your dog’s bed from home, and a bath.

All dogs sleep separately, are fed separately, and provided “alone time” after they eat. This is to prevent health problems that may occur if they were to play right after eating.

Please complete the required forms and checklists before dropping off your pet for easier check-in: