Pet Behavior

Declawing and Its Alternatives

Declawing has probably become the most controversial of all the elective surgical procedures commonly performed by veterinarians. While it is normal for cats to scratch things (to mark territory as well as to condition their claws) this behavior can destroy the bond between an owner and pet cat. Cats, especially adolescent cats, have a tendency […]

Cats, Carriers and Vets

Many cats are fearful of car rides and veterinary visits, which makes it harder for us to give them good medical care. It also makes it difficult for cat owners to decide to take their nervous cats to the veterinarian for routine care and may delay an examination for an illness.

Cats can be trained to […]

Child Safety With Dogs

To read the newspaper headlines or watch television news these days will scare you about what happens to children around dogs. But how often does it happen? How likely is it to happen to your child? How likely is your dog to do it? Most of all, what can you as a parent, child caregiver, […]

Housetraining Pitfalls

Housetraining is more difficult than most people realize, and it’s much more difficult with some dogs than others. It tends to be hardest with the smallest dogs. It’s the first complicated task most people teach their dogs, and many dogs lose their homes over housetraining problems.

The list here is to help you get pointed in […]

Attention Please! Basic Dog Training

Life is full of distractions, especially for a puppy or dog! When you have a dog who won’t pay attention to you while on walks or at the park, or even at home, an obedience class is definitely in order. Try your nearest obedience training clubs, which have classes taught by knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers. […]

Abused Dog?

People commonly assume their new dogs who come with unknown histories have been victims of abuse. Though a dog’s behavior may seem to point to it, most of these dogs have not been abused. Whether or not abuse has occurred, the assumption can prevent people from giving their dogs the right support for success in […]

Picky Eaters

Getting a dog to eat is one of the most complicated management, health care, behavior modification, training, and communication tasks you’ll ever do with a dog. If you’ve been through this, you’ve surely learned a thing or two. You’ll also have discovered what a lot of time this can take out of your day.

Some people […]

Spoiled Dog

Often people refer to their own dogs or other people’s as being “spoiled.” What does this mean? Of course it depends on who is using the expression. One Miriam-Webster Dictionary definition of “spoil” includes the words “to impair the disposition or character of by overindulgence or excessive praise.”

Impairing—damaging—the disposition (temperament) of a dog is a […]

Encouraging Cats To Use The Litter Box

Despite the cat’s reputation for fastidious cleanliness, house soiling is the number one behavior problem of our feline friends. Many cats are turned outside, given away, or even put to sleep for this behavior problem, and it behooves the veterinary profession to address it.

Urinating in odd places can mean either a behavior problem or a […]

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