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FRAH Answers Questions About Coronavirus

Dr. Keisha Hayward Answers Questions About Pets And The COVID-19 Virus

Grieving the Loss of Your Dog

Whenever we experience grief, past losses come back to our minds and hearts. Grief is like an illness or injury, with an acute stage that heals but still leaves us forever changed. Proper care during the acute stage can lead to better healing and perhaps even a strengthened ability to heal from future grief.

When for […]

Adding a Second Dog to Your Family

With one dog in the family, why not add another one? What are the pros and cons? When is the right time? Will it change the things you love about the dog you have now?

It’s possible to re-home a dog if things don’t work out, but this can be hard on the family’s emotions and […]

Multiple Dogs: What is the Right Number for You?

If having one canine family member is great, wouldn’t two be better? How about three when you now have two or four if you now have three? Are there reasons to limit the number of dogs in your family? Let’s look at the advantages of living with multiple dogs along with how things change as […]

Naming Your Dog Well

Does it make a difference what name you choose for your dog? Yes, it does. If you know in advance that you will be adopting a dog, take time over the choice of a name. Start using that name when you first meet the dog. Your dog will learn the new name quickly and will […]

Dog Parks

I hear a lot of good things and bad things about dog parks. I very much enjoy taking my dogs to an off leash park because they get far more exercise than they would on a leash, and it’s very social for me and for them. My two dogs like people and other dogs. But […]

Adopting a Shelter Dog

One way an individual can help reduce the number of dogs put to sleep for lack of homes is to adopt from a shelter. Doing this successfully depends on knowing what you need in a dog, and how to determine which dog at the shelter can fit your life. Picking a dog that fails in […]

Bed or Crate?

You are bringing home a dog soon, and this new family member will need a place to sleep. Looking through the huge variety of beds and crates available for dogs, how do you pick the best one?

Part of the answer lies in the age of your dog. Part will depend on the dog’s background. Part […]

Pets Are At Serious Risk With Rising Temperatures

Pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn just like humans can if overexposed to the heat. Some breeds, like Bulldogs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu’s, Pugs and Boston Terriers, are even more at risk than others. But Dr. Kim Hammond says the pets we love can be comfortable and safe in the heat if owners […]

The ABCs Of Lost Pets

Getting the word out as quickly as possible is critical to getting your dog or cat back safely. Don’t wait to see if your dog or cat returns on its own, and ALWAYS make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a collar with identification tags.
When You Lose An Animal

Call the local Animal Shelters, veterinary […]

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