Kim Hammond, the owner of US-based Falls Road Animal Hospital has donated an assortment of sports materials to youth sports associations and several schools in Musanze district.

Hammond is also one of the Board of Directors of Rwanda’s Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project-MGVP which also operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The materials include 1,000 footballs and sports wear given to ASU (Association Sportif Ubumwe-FC, Mukungwa FC, and schools neighboring Volcano National Park.

Handing over the materials on Sunday, Hammond challenged Musanze residents to avoid the perception that subsistence farming requires big labor force and time.

He said that raising productivity is essential for reducing poverty and this requires eliminating impediments to efficient allocation of capital, labor and technology. He said that the donation of sports equipment is part of the wider campaign to promote community conservation.

John E Huston, PHD student of veterinary sciences who is currently working with MGVP said that research has proved that one cow can produce biogas power for each family.

He pointed out that there is need to install the necessary facilities to process milk into other products like pasteurised milk, cheese and other dairy products to create an opportunity for milk to have additional value.