Baltimore-area shelters have taken in several dogs from the Houston area. Here are some of the things local veterinarians are monitoring in these storm affected areas:

Houston was in the midst of an outbreak of H3N2 (K9 influenza) when Harvey hit.

Parvovirus is quite common in the Houston area.

A majority of dogs over the age of 6 months in the Houston area test positive for heartworms if they have not been on prevention.

Leptospirosis is common in the Houston area.

The liver and intestinal parasite Heterobilharzia americana (flatworm) is also common in the Houston area.

Other conditions you may not be used to seeing/treating:

Have a HIGH index of suspicion for diseases you don’t ordinarily see when treating rescues from the flooded area that may present to you when they are sick – think zebras, not horses 🙂 !

The vet school at LSU is a wonderful resource for many of these conditions, as is Texas A&M – reach out to your colleagues for information if you see something weird.