If your pet is having an emergency right now…


  1. Call us 410-825-9100 to notify us that you are coming. We may recommend that your handle your pet in a certain way before or during transport to the hospital.
  2. Directions to the hospital may be obtained by calling or here (link)
  3. If your pet ingested a poisonous substance: please call the Pet Poison Helpline. There is a fee for this service payable by credit card. Please also bring the package that contained the items ingested.
  4. If your pet is experiencing a gastrointestinal emergency, please bring a stool sample.
  5. Please bring your small pet (cat, bird, hamster, gerbil, reptile, rodent) in a carrier. Exotics should be kept as warm as possible by covering the carrier with a towel.
  6. If your pet cannot walk or be carried easily, please use a blanket or sheet as a stretcher. Our team will meet you to assist when you arrive.
  7. Please call the hospital if you are concerned about handling your pet safely.
  8. Please bring a list or bottles for all medication your pet is taking.

Unlike many emergency clinics, your pet does not have to be picked up early in the morning. Emergency cases remain where they are and are transferred directly to the daytime doctors for continued care.